Randy Llopiz’s Civic



Here we have Randy Llopiz’s beautiful EK Coupe which he calls Jade. He got his car back in June of 2013 after he got into an accident and that car was totaled. When he first got the EK coupe, it was bone stock and in mint condition and with that he immediately went to work to get the car to how it looks today. It’s a ’97 converted to a 99-00 all around, in and out. How is his car so clean? He is sponsored by Cams Auto Garage, Lower Standards, and Monster Energy.

Randy has put in quite some work in his car but still isn’t done yet. He plans to give his car a full paint job, the same color, put 15mm spacers for the rear and pulling the front fenders 1/2″ and the rear 1″

Honda Civic EK Coupe current specs:


  • High Compression Pistons
  • Eagle Rods, Valves, and Springs
  • Transmission is fully built with Carbon Syncros


  • Custom DUB Felgenwerk Wheels 15×9 with -10 offset all around
  • Toyo Proxes TR1 Tires 195/45
  • Skunk2 ProC Coilovers
  • Skunk2 Pro Camber Kits
  • Skunk2 Rear Lower Controls
  • ChargeSpeed Lip


  •  Stock 2000 Honda Civic Interior
  • NRG Quick Release Steering Wheel

Photos by: Terence Fung-Kee-Fung

Car Owner: Randy Llopiz

Words by: Terence Fung-Kee-Fung

Location: Miami, Florida 

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